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The Mister 360 Spray Bottle produces a consistent, aerosol-like spray in a reusable, non-pressurised container.


This superior spray bottle is perfect for treating any pest or fungal infections or simply for making your plants feel like they are in the rainforest!



  • Resuable, silk, innovative design.
  • A fine and consistent mist spray for even coverage.
  • Produces even mist no matter which way you turn it.
  • Easy to use spray pump.
  • 300mL capacity.
  • Use with the Hydrogen Peroxide 3% to help treat pests or fungal infections.
  • Helps mimic your plants natural environment!


*Best used with the Oxygen Plus Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 

Oxygen Plus Mister 360 Spray Bottle

SKU: H2O2 Mist 360
PriceFrom $17.50