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Expert Indoor Plant Services

Wellington only

Plant Repotting Service

Expert advice and service

Having trouble keeping your

houseplants healthy and lush?

We can help with care and maintenance for overgrown

and root bound plants and

repotting using our skilfully 

formulated Foliage Studio

Soil Mix to keep them thriving.


$16 +GST per plant (10 - 15cm)

$19 +GST per plant (16 - 24cm)

$32 +GST per plant for large varieties

*$7 +GST for per plant for any

additional plant care such 

as fertilising or pest control.





Centre pieces, gifts, and more

We can provide bespoke plants 

to act as centerpieces or party favours for your special event, be it

a wedding, birthday or baby shower. Let your guests walk away with something that will remind them of your event for years to come.

Green Leaves

Plant Sitting Service

Expert care and service

Going away?

We can plant sit for you

so you can rest in peace knowing that your plant collection is in safe hands.


Small (1 -20 plants) - $32 

Medium (20 - 100 plants) - $42

Large (100+ plants) - $62

*pricing is per visit.

Plant installations

Commercial and Residential

Purchase Installation

We care about designing a beautiful greenspace for your home or business. We have the expertise to revamp your space with a permanent plant installation and then keep it looking lush with our Plant Care & Maintenance Service. 

Plant Hiring

Commercial and Residential

Plant Hiring

Let us take the stress out of creating the perfect plant display. We offer Indoor plant hiring and installations for short term events such as parties, conferences, photoshoots or open homes.

This service includes small to medium table top plant varieties only. A turnaround time of at least 3-4 weeks notice prior to the event.

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