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Formulated for Aroids and Hoya, The Foliage Studio Potting Mix can also be used as a general all-purpuse this potting mix suitable for indoor plants that share a preference for chunky, airy, free-draining soil, including epiphytic plants, hoyas, orchids, monstera, philodendron, pothos and epipremnum.


If your plants like an airy, free-draining mix, or prefer things lightly moist but not too wet (or you just need to protect your plants from the tendency to overwater), then this mix is for you.


Contains the perfect ratio of orchid bark, pumice, fern fibre, crushed horticulture charcoal and nutrients.

  • Reduces repotting root shock.
  • Organic nutrients and growth stimulants promoting root health.
  • Good drainage and aeration to help your plant thrive.


Quantity available: 2L bag, 4L and 6L.

FoliageStudio Houseplant Potting Mix

PriceFrom $10.00