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Groventive is a two-way, systemic insecticide used to provide control for both sucking and chewing plant pests such as aphids, mealy bugs, thrips, mites and scale.


As the solution is systemic, once applied, it is absorbed by the plant and distributed throughout its tissues. As the plant pest chews or sucks on the plant, it will ingest the insecticide and perish.


The two-way formulation works by being absorbed by the plant's roots, making its way to the leaves and stem; as well as on contact from the leaves and stem, it is absorbed and makes its way to the roots killing the the annoying pests both above and below the soil.



  • Contains 15g/litre spirotetramat in the form of a suspension concentrate. 



  • 200mL bottle.
  • Each bottle includes a 15ml measuring cup.
  • Can be safely used on both indoor & outdoor plants and is considered safe for bees and most beneficial insects.



  • 10ml/1L of water.
  • Spray onto plants prior to establishment of high pest populations or at the first sign of pests.
  • Use every 14 - 28 days for continued protection and best results.



  • Mix as per instructions on the bottle.
  • Pour the measured quantity of GroVentive into a spray botlle, then filled with the required amount of water and mix well.


Disclaimer: GroVentive Garden is systemic insecticide and does not kill pests on contact. Multiple applications may be required to completely eradicative pests. Read label before use. Avoid contact with skin and breathing spray mist. Store locked up in the closed original container out of reach of children and in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area. Keep away from food, drink and animals feeding stuffs.


Link: GroVentive Product Label

Grosafe Groventive Systemic Insecticide