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The warmer months are upon us. Time to get your plants ready to thrive!


Our Hoya Care Bundle is perfect for setting your hoya up to be a stunning centre piece. Our GrowthTechnology Flower Focus Fertiliser is designed to nourish your hoya with all the essential nutrients to thrive and then display your hoya on our Cirlce Plant Trellis attaching the vines with our Spring-loaded Plant Clips.


This stunning Plant Care Bundle also makes a perfect gift for a fellow houseplant enthusiast.



GrowthTechnology Flower Focus Fertiliser 250mL bottle

Round Plant Support Trellis (black, metal)

14cm Clear Nursery Pot

Spring-Loaded Butterfly Plants Clips (Green, 20 pack)


*If you are after any to these handy items individually, find them in the Plant Health or Plant Accessories collections.

Hoya Care Bundle