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The warmer months are upon us. Time to get your plants ready to thrive! 


Our Plant Propagation Bundle will get you set up to grow thriving cuttings into healthy plants. Use our NZ Sphagnum Moss or NZ Fern Fibre growing substrates to get your cuttings and juvenile plants settled in and then apply our GrowthTechnology CCS Clonex solution which is a complete and balanced fertiliser for young plants. Use this with our GrowthTechnology Rootzone especially formulated to stimulate the natural root growth process. 


This stunning Plant Care Bundle also makes a perfect gift for a fellow houseplant enthusiast.



  • GrowthTechnology Rootzone 250mL bottle

  • GrowthTechnology CCS Clonex Solution 250mL bottle

  • NZ Spaghnum Moss 150g bag

  • NZ Fern Fibre 2L bag


*If you are after any to these handy items individually, find them in the Plant Health or Growing Media/Substrates collections.

Plant Propagation Bundle